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Great Flat Lode - 30 Oct 2011
Great result for FRR in the first Great Flat Lode 5 miler, 4th place overall for Tony Brewer, 3rd in Category for Paul Gwynne, 2nd in Category for Hilary Penny and a well deserved 2nd Team prize for Tony, Steve, Paul and Mick who beat Cornwall AC's 'B' team into 3rd place. Yeah!
London Marathon 2012 - Draw for the coveted club places!
It was an exciting moment for the nine club members who wanted a place in the 2012 London Marathon - the annual club draw to decide who would represent the club at the prestigious event. To be able to enter the draw, you had to satisfy certain criteria: you must be a 1st claim member of the club for at least 1 year, and had applied for a place in the marathon via the public ballot but received a reject letter. This year, due to increased membership, the club had been allocated three places. The lucky three are: Jules Evans, Kate Leyshon and Roy Newton. They will join Jan Watson, Rich Dalton and Emily who secured 'Good For Age' places, plus David Garrard and Marisa Falcione, who have deferred places from last year. Go Team Falmouth!!!
Roundup Sunday 16th October 2011
A busy out-of-county race day - we had members competing all over the place. Keith and Terry Marshall ventured to Abingdon and did the marathon there, posting times of 3:55:20 and 4:33:52 respectively. Rich Dalton and Tammy Jenkin jetted off to Amsterdam to run the marathon there, finishing in 2:59:50 and 3:50:05. Marvellous! Jan Watson also ran the Dartmoor Vale Half Marathon but no times posted as yet.
Eden marathon and Half Marathon - 9th Oct 2011
A great result for the girls in the HM - they won 1st place in the women's team category - fantastic effort well done!
Club results below...full HM results here

13 1629 Jason Longhorn M Falmouth Road Runners 01:28:55 13 01:28:49
148 2095 Janet Watson F 55 Falmouth Road Runners 01:48:41 147 01:48:06
152 2235 Philip Gill M Falmouth Road Runners 01:49:19 153 01:48:57
160 1981 Daniel Stevens M 40 Falmouth Road Runners 01:49:49 169 01:49:34
249 2255 Rachael Scott F Falmouth Road Runners 01:54:55 244 01:53:56
278 2237 Max Burrows M 45 Falmouth Road Runners 01:56:12 283 01:55:50
288 1850 Jude Puxley F Falmouth Road Runners 01:56:37 280 01:55:39
289 1184 Sarah Choak F 40 Falmouth Road Runners 01:56:43 289 01:56:08
329 1630 Monica Longhorn F Falmouth Road Runners 01:59:09 337 01:58:48
517 1616 Michael Leyshon M 40 Falmouth Road Runners 02:07:14 526 02:06:59
820 1615 Catherine Leyshon F 40 Falmouth Road Runners 02:31:56 816 02:30:41

We also had a few in the full marathon distance race - a real toughie with lots of hills apparently. Well done to our finishers.
Club results below, full results HERE

69 86 Emily Cook F Falmouth Road Runners 03:48:48 71 03:48:41 01:49:44 01:49:36
70 212 Richard Keefe M 40 03:48:48 70 03:48:40 01:49:44 01:49:36
133 374 Richard Tosic M 40 Falmouth Road Runners 04:06:15 133 04:06:06 01:51:47 01:51:39
156 306 Andrew Pye M Falmouth Road Runners 04:18:09 156 04:17:58 01:52:22 01:52:11
275 93 Anna Curtis F Falmouth Road Runners 05:09:20 275 05:08:55 02:24:07 02:23:43

The Duchy Athletics Network 5km Series

Great news for the 1st DAN 5km series - Izzy Steele was 1st lady overall and Richard Dalton 1st male under 30.
Seaview 17 - 31st July 2011

It was an early start for the three of us - beginning with a coach transfer to Countisbury Church in Devon for the start of the race. Don’t be fooled by the name of this run; this is a ‘find your own way’ race taking in just over 20 miles and nearly 4000ft ascent of coastal path…. or more, if like Jason you decide to go the wrong way at Porlock Weir adding extra mileage (Not recommended!!).

Some ‘memorable’ hills; in particular the climb up Selworthy Beacon past Bossington (nearly 1000ft), however, all was compensated by the amazing buffet of cakes and sandwiches waiting for us at the end at Minehead running club. Tough, but very memorable and comes highly recommended.

It is worth adding that entry to this race, including coach transfer and buffet is just £7!

Sarah Webb, Jason & Monica Longhorn
Appeal for New Committee Members

During September (exact date yet to be decided) we will hold the Annual General Meeting of the club, where we review the year just gone, and select the club officials that will form the committee for the coming year. All members are invited (and encouraged) to attend, and you will receive your formal letter of invitation towards the end of August.

We would like you to seriously consider the possibility of joining the committeee for the coming year. It would be great to see some new faces coming forward and doing their bit for the club. See the list of current officials at the bottom of the About Us page. We will also shortly post a short description of what the role entails to help you get an idea of what you may be expected to do. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more, please contact us either by e-mail or talk to any of the officials at the Tuesday or Thursday club sessions.
Appeal for Mob Match Sponsorship

As a club, FRR organises the Mob Match race each year. It is unique in that it is the only team race in the event calendar and is very well attended. See the Mob Match page for more details.

This year will be the club's 25th Anniversary, and so we want to make the Mob Match this year extra special. We are planning a special 25th Anniversary race memento for all those taking part. As such, the cost of putting the race on this year will be higher than usual, and so we are looking for additional sponsorship to cover the extra cost. Sponsors will get their logo on the entry form and personally thanked during the prizegiving.

So, if you or if you know of anyone who may be interested in being a sponsor and halping to create a memorable anniversary year for the club, please get in touch with us!
Jan and Sarah at the Switzerland 70.3 Half Ironman

"Sarah and I did the Switzerland 70,3 Ironman on June 4th as a supposedly flatter alternative to Wimbleball.
At least the lake was flat and warm!

The bike ride consisted of two laps, each with two fairly tough climbs..........Sarah did admit to walking them on the second lap.

The run also consisted of 2 two laps along the lake and through the town - flat apart from the "stairway to heaven" but hot.

I was thrilled to crack 6 hours and finish second in my age category (thanks to my running!).

It was Sarah's first event of that distance and apart from being a nervous wreck and pain in the butt beforehand she did really well to finish around the 7 hour mark.

Switzerland itself was mega expensive but nevertheless worth it for the scenery.


Caption..................."Some people even try to hide to avoid that bike ride!!"

Jan's South African Adventure - South Africa Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 56K, Easter 2011.

"It is classified as "The World's Most Beautiful Marathon" and I would have to admit it is my favourite so far in terms of atmosphere, scenery and sheer achievement.
It started at 6am in the dark at Newlands in Capetown and ran along the Indian Ocean then across to the Atlantic Ocean via Chapman's Peak, Hout Bay and the Constantia Nek wine region.
It was hot, hilly but breathtaking and I completed it in 5 and a half hours, securing the sub 6 hour bronze medal.

The highlight of the weekend was probably the 5K Friendship Run the day before. This was a run to sponsor the underpriveleged children; each runner had to select one child and fit them with a pair of shoes. This was really quite emotional and makes one stop to think how fortunate we are to be able to travel and compete in such events.

Next time I will take a sack of trainers.........and it is an event that just HAS to be done!


Helston Triathlon - Sunday 5th June 2011

FRR managed a respectable entry at Helston this year, eight tri-athletes (or should it be try-athletes?) and two supporters.

Judith took the honours for “most glamorous swimmer” and Caroline turned heads (and apparently broke the rules) with an impromptu strip tease in transition. Richard covered his modesty with a towel and looked like he was preparing for a day on the beach.

We carried off a good selection of trophies:
1st in category for Caroline, 1st for Terry and 3rd for Keith.

All in all a successful day rounded off by Pimm’s and nibbles at Kim and Carolines. Very civilized!

We were:-

Supported by Helen and Kim.
The Duchy Athletics Network 5km Series

The first race in the DAN 5k series got off to a good start with our runners well represented at Stithians Showground. Richard Dalton was 6th overall and first man home in the under 30's. First female was Izzy Steele, nearly 2 minutes ahead of her nearest rival and Jules Wood was second in her category.

6 0:18:05 DALTON, Richard Male under 30 05:49.1
17 0:19:26 STEELE, Isabel Female under 17 06:15.2
19 0:19:50 CHAPMAN, Mick Male under 50 06:22.9
36 0:21:01 BROWN, Roger Male under 50 06:45.7
48 0:22:09 GREENHILL, Neil Male under 30 07:07.6
55 0:23:00 MOORE, Jason Male under 40 07:24.0
67 0:24:26 WEBB, Sarah Female under 40 07:51.7
73 0:25:02 WOOD, Jules Female under 50 08:03.3
75 0:25:19 LEYSHON, Michael Male under 50 08:08.8
87 0:27:00 NEWTON, Roy Male over 60 08:41.3
106 0:32:11 GARRARD, David Male over 60 10:21.4
119 0:39:04 BROWN, Helen Female under 50 12:34.3
London Marathon - Sunday 17th April 2011

Wow, what a race! 34,710 runners (22,453 men & 12,257 women) completed the ever-popular 26.1 mile course around the nation's capital. We had quite a few runners in this year, and this race was the culmination of several months of training and preparation - a big well done to them all for even making it to the start line! See below for their results ( Helen, Tessa and Jules had the club places). For more info, full results and a race review see If you're thinking of entering next year, the on-line ballot opens on 26 April 2011.

place overall place gender place category name runner no category HALF finish time
8336 1554 953 » Jenkin, Tamsin (GBR) 8424 18-39 01:56:21 03:56:10
14437 3321 2026 » Puxley, Jude (GBR) 39747 18-39 02:07:56 04:22:50
19243 5023 892 » WOOD, JULIANNE (GBR) 24936 40-44 02:11:07 04:41:49
19237 14215 1929 » WOOD, WILLIAM (GBR) 18451 45-49 02:11:07 04:41:49
25642 7652 68 » Fox, Karrie (GBR) 38422 60-64 02:25:28 05:11:33
28190 8776 216 » RABETT, TESSA V (GBR) 24937 55-59 02:27:00 05:27:06
32923 11187 134 » WHITE, CHRISTINE A (GBR) 21129 60-64 02:57:55 06:21:23
33226 11360 1792 » BROWN, HELEN M (GBR) 24935 40-44 02:59:38 06:29:27
33783 11689 7326 » Robinson, Alison Jane (GBR) 11688 18-39 02:36:41 06:47:57

Enys 10k - Sunday 10th April 2011

This was the first race run on the picturesque estate between Penryn and Mylor, and a very hot one! The club had a good turn out with runners, supporters and helpers.

If anyone who was there would like to submit a race report or send in photos please e-mail (use the link above) ta!

Congrats to Geoff Moyle - 3rd in his category; Rob Wood and Steph Friday - both 2nd in their respective categories.

Club results below, full results HERE [pdf].

Posn Time Name Cat2 EntrantNo
10 00:39:12 GWYNNE, Paul Male 40+ 141
14 00:40:23 CARTER, Andrew 154
28 00:43:40 MOYLE, Geoff Male50+ 72
32 00:44:47 WOOD, Bill Male 40+ 134
40 00:45:36 BROWN, Roger Male 40+ 103
44 00:47:43 PIE, Andrew 113
47 00:48:32 STONEHOUSE, Peter 30
51 00:49:07 MCDERMOTT, Sarah 69
57 00:49:51 WOOD, Robert Male 60+ 70
58 00:50:00 MOORE, Jason 131
62 00:50:36 FRIDAY, Steph Female 45+ 118
63 00:50:52 WEBB, Sarah Female 35+ 75
76 00:53:34 PRYCE, Joanna Female 45+ 85
81 00:54:35 WOOD, Jules Female 35+ 82
85 00:55:18 ELLIS, Hattie 3
92 00:58:08 MILNER, Richard Male50+ 111
93 00:58:08 HASTINGS, Karen Female 45+ 91
107 01:02:21 MCCOLL, Debbie Female 35+ 123
108 01:02:21 FOX, Carrie Female 55+ 24
114 01:04:28 PENNY, Hilary Female 55+ 57
119 01:06:24 JENKIN, Peter Male50+ 99
120 01:06:26 WILKES, Tracey Female 35+ 106
121 01:06:26 CLARKE, Debra Female 45+ 142
132 01:09:43 MCDERMOTT, Jane Female 55+ 68
134 01:10:26 GARRARD, David Male 60+ 94
141 01:14:27 JOHNS, Trudy Female 45+ 14
143 01:17:20 WHITE, Christine Female 55+ 117
145 01:21:26 WADHAM-SMITH, Kimberley 22
146 01:23:18 BROWN, Helen Female 35+ 102

5 Tors Moorland Race - Sunday 10th April 2011

Pheew what a scorcher! Who would have thought it in April - the temperatures soared into the 20s and pink shoulders and noses were the order of the day.

It's a tough 10-ish miler over Bodmin Moor, and the hot day made things a whole lot stickier. Captain Mick was first home for the club, narrowly missing a top ten place but second in his age group. Rachael and Sarah were first and second respectively in their age category and Jan did the biz once again, also winning hers. Second claim member Phil Bristow also won his category but shame he was running for Tri-Logic. Sam Chapman was unlucky - he had a bad fall and had to pull out of the race (there's always next year Sam).

Full results HERE, club results below.

Place Time Name Category Pace
11 1:19:37 CHAPMAN, Mick Male Vet 45-49 07:57.6
37 1:31:36 WATSON, Janet Female Vet 50-59 09:09.5
42 1:35:10 MEDD, Rachel Female Vet 40-44 09:30.8
61 1:43:25 MARSHALL, Keith Male Vet 60-64 10:20.3
64 1:44:12 CHOAK, Sarah Female Vet 40-44 10:25.0
95 2:00:08 ANDREWS, Jane Senior Lady 12:00.6
96 2:00:38 WILLIAMS, Michelle Female Vet 40-44 12:03.6
98 2:01:24 WILKES, Judith Female Vet 45-49 12:08.2
102 2:02:24 DROUET, Paula Female Vet 50-59 12:14.2
112 2:08:47 MARSHALL, Terry Female Vet 60-64 12:52.5

Custom Diet & Nutrition Programmes

Our very own Jan Watson will soon be taking a nutrition evening for the club - details to follow. In the meantime, if you are interested in finding more about sports nutrition, contact her direct. She explains:

"One of the main reasons for poor race performance is the failure to get nutrition right.
I can speak from experience and use my own recent improvements in performance as a testimonial!
Please feel free to contact me
- if you are training for an event and are concerned about your pre-, post- and in race nutrition needs
- if you would like a tailor made nutrition plan to support your training
- if you are struggling to lose weight and feel the need to seek professional advice
- if you would like a plan to maintain a healthy weight or gain lean tissue (muscle) mass

I have a Certificate in Sports Nutrition and offer favourable rates to FRR/Tri-Logic members.
Jan Watson
Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist.
Tel. 01326 378804; mobile 07802 767197
Rome Marathon
Jan Watson and Sarah Choak took part on the Rome Marathon last weekend - blimey they don't 'arf get around! Jan reports:

"My time was 3'51 (including 2 toilet stops!). I am pretty sure Sarah's was 4'05.

We both made the distance 26.6 miles so we were well pleased!
That's my 3rd 3'50 ish marathon in 5 months (Cornish, Marrakech, Rome).

It was a warm day and probably my favourite marathon to date. It started and finished at the Colusseum and went round all the sites of Rome, including the Vatican. Sarah said the Pope came out with a pint of beer and cheered us on - but I was more focused on the atmosphere and getting round. The last 5 miles were hard because of the narrow streets and cobbles.
But the pizza and red wine afterwards made it all worthwhile and definitely one to be revisited!

CRFS Half Marathon 27th(?) March 2011 Lanhydrock
See attached results.
3 of us from Falmouth. Sarah, Steve, me........ It was a lovely scenic run. I was 4th Lady overall so just missed a prize!
Sunday 13th March - Duchy 20

For those who didn't want to go the extra 6.2 miles at the Duchy, here are the results.

Well done to the following:
Paul (11th overall) with 3rd place in his age group; Keith got 2nd in his; Tessa got 3rd and Terry got 1st in hers!

Position Time Name Category
11 2:13:31 GWYNNE, Paul Male Vet 45-49
112 2:56:14 JENKIN, Tammy Female under 35
113 2:56:14 CHAPMAN, Mick Male Vet 45-49
117 2:57:01 MARSHALL, Keith Male Vet 60-64
162 3:12:50 PUXLEY, Jude Female under 35
188 3:24:58 RABETT, Tessa Female Vet 55-59
205 3:35:40 MARSHALL, Terry Female Vet 60-64

Full results here

Commiserations to Helen Brown who fell between mile 5 and 6 and could not complete the race with a broken elbow!
Thanks to Trudi for keeping her company.
Sunday 6th March - Bideford Half Marathon


Steve Strachan 01:23:55 65
Roger Brown 01:40:00 289
Janet Watson 01:41:02 308
Sarah Choak 01:45:38 406
Sarah Webb 01:53:08 598
Karrie Fox 02:18:52 969
Lorna Wood 02:29:48 1022
Christine White 02:50:09 1048

Congratulations to all those who took part and to Jan who got first in her age group!
Full results here
Sunday 27th February - Sports Club Quiz Night

Well done to the FRR quiz platoon. 12 runners, friends and family turned up and we came away with 3rd place , which just goes to show you don't have to be completely stupid to run! Although it helps. Tony Friday put in a guest appearance and we deployed our secret weapons - Kate and Mike. Good fun. Next quiz Sunday 3rd April.
21 January 2011 - Annual Dinner Dance at the Green Lawns Hotel

Drink, food, dancing and a gold crash hat - all the ingredients for a great night - thanks to Jane and Sarah for organising it again. See loads more photos on our Facebook page!

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